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kdc_stigmatized's Journal

This journal has moved because most people are untrrustworthy.

I try to keep things about my spiritual life relatively private. I try to keep it to this journal and spiritcompanion. Evidently it's just not good enough.
I apologize to the entire internet for my personal spiritual beliefs. I'm oh so very sorry that I'm not "normal", I'm sorry I believe in spirits, that I believe I am married to K. I don't see why this has such a huge effect on other people, but people want to let it effect them and then they turn that around and use it to mock and/or hurt me.
All this for information I don't parade out there for the public in the first case.

So I'm sorry, livejournal, for my spiritual beliefs. I'm sorry that my marriage to K is so troublesome to everyone else.
*sigh* so, I've switched journals.... again.